Creeping Bentgrass
Creeping Bentgrass Agrostis stolonifera, is a native grass to Europe and North Africa and was introduced to North America sometime around the 1700s in the colonial days. The Creeping Bentgrass we have today is a genetic modification of the original Bentgrass that originally came to America. The grass was brought over to America as a way to provide forage for cattle as it did in Europe. With the similar weather conditions, the grass did well and spread throughout our Northeast. Now the Creeping Bentgrass is a popular turfgrass that is used to make excellent playing surface for golf greens.

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Bentgrass is one of the finest turfgrasses there are when it comes to turf for golf courses. Bentgrass is a fine textured grass that lays or “bends” down flat and provides an excellent playing surface as well as provides a beautiful appearance. Its leaves are a dark blue-green color with very fine leaves of only 1/16th of an inch wide. These qualities make it a very popular choice for golf courses of the right weather conditions to use on putting greens to give a good look smooth and fast surface. The way this grass bendWikiwikiCreeping Bentgrasss and lays down makes it possible to cut it at extremely close surfaces, in fact Creeping Bentgrass is some of the shortest cut turfs there are available. A quote from Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius explains how the playing surface is when Jones’ caddy warns him of an upcoming tournament. “You’d better be ready; the greens there are Bentgrass… It’s like putting on glass.” Although this grass makes a great playing surface for golf courses, it is not very popular for other uses such as lawns in the Northeast. The Creeping Bentgrass is a very short growing grass that requires a high level of maintenance that most homeowners are not willing to provide. Also, this bentgrass does not do well against the abuse that most yards must take. For these reasons, the Creeping Bentgrass has its purpose within the golf industry.

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Bentgrass is a cool season perennial grass that is very invasive. It has the ability to take over other grasses and can be considered a weed. Being a perennial grass means it is a type of grass that will live several years instead of annually like other grasses. Creeping Bentgrass does well in cool environments and grows best in the spring and fall. It also does well in humid weather. It does not do well however, in hot or dry conditions. Bentgrass is not at all heat tolerant or can it withstand any drought or dry climates. The primary areas for this grass to be used or grown is in the Northeastern part of America and is scarce in the South or Southwestern parts of our country because of the heat and sometimes dryness.

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