Centipede Grass (Eremochloa ophiuroides)

Description: Coarse textured turf grass spread by stolons. The short upright stems resemble centipedes, thus the name. Does not have a true dormant stage. Unfortunately, a major drawback is that it is very susceptible to hard freezes. This grass is the perfect choice for the homeowner who wants an attractive lawn with very little maintenance.

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Native to China and parts of South East Asia centipede grass was brought to the United States in 1916.
A warm season turf grass, it is considered to be one of the lowest maintenance grasses of all the warm season varieties.
When To Plant
Centipede grass is best planted in the late spring and early summer. In general due to it being a warm season grass it should be planted when temperatures are above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Any other times such as late fall, winter, and late summer would not be recommended. As far as the state of Texas is concerned, this grass should only be used in North Texas near the panhandle.
Some of the crucial things to take into suggestion include:
-Do not over fertilize
-Do not mow low
-Spray herbicides in early spring

The mowing of centipede grass should be done around one to two inches. Even with that said mowing above 1.5 inches can lead to winter injury. On average the rule of thumb states that you should remove 1/3rd of the grass with each mowing and should only happen once a week. Sharp blades on your mower will also assist in maintaining a healthy lawn.

Some of the more prevalent pests that affect centipede grass include but aren't limited to nematodes and ground pearls

Centipede grass can be established by seeds, sprigs, as well as sod. One of the main challenges of establishing centipede grass from seed, is that it potentially provides an environment where warm season weeds can germinate and thrive. It also takes about two to three years to establish itself, and is very slow growing.
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