Curly Mesquite

Curly Mesquite is known for being the most drought tolerant type of turf grass. curly_1.jpg

Curly Mesquite is a warm season perennial grass. It grows any where from 4 to 10 inches. It leaf blades are usually curly, which give the plants its name of curly mesquite. The grass is grazed upon by several animals such as goats and cattle. In order for the Grass to grow right it requires to be grazed upon or mowed. The plant usually starts to grow in late spring. It reproduces mainly from stolons. While Curly Mesquite is very drought tolerate, it does not tolerate shade well at all. It grows on many different types of soil, however, Curly Mesquite grows best on loam or clay type of soil. All of this information is published by the USDA National Plant Data Center which you can find by clicking this link.


Curly Mesquite has fibrous roots. The grass usually blooms in September, October, and November. The flowers on this plant are so small that people usually cannot see the blooming flowering with their naked eye. This specific information and more about where Curly Mesquite is grown, please click this link to go to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center from the University of Texas.


To see how Curly Mesquite and other variations of Mesquite grass is grown and used in texas, Please follow the following link to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website where there is a whole sections dedicated to Mesquite grasses in Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife

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